Museum Atlatls

This last year I've been contacting museums around the country to see if they have atlatls in their collection, and if they could send me the images of those atlatls. Here are the pictures I've received from them, with many thanks.

Click on any image to see the full-sized photo. It will open in a new window.

Russell Cave National Monument, Alabama
(Scanned from photos)

Russell Cave #1Their rough "stick" version, used for demonstrations
Russell Cave #2Their display model. Indian Knoll Style?

Lost City Museum, Nevada

Lost City #1Their wall display atlatl.
Lost City #1Another picture.
Lost City #2Their cabinet display model.
Lost City #2Another picture.

Sheldon Jackson Museum, Sitka, Alaska
Used with their permission

Sheldon Jackson #1One set of throwing boards.
Sheldon Jackson #2A throwing board on display.
Sheldon Jackson #2The back.
Sheldon Jackson #3Another group of throwing boards.
Sheldon Jackson #3Close-up of the pegs.
Sheldon Jackson #3Looking down the shaft.
Sheldon Jackson #3Close-up of the grips.

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