Nobles County Pioneer Village

      In 1958, the Nobles County Historical Society purchased a schoolhouse that had been closed since 1944. The building was first moved to the County Fairgrounds where it became an attraction during county fair time. It was generally closed at other times.

      Eventually a decision was made to make other arrangements for the showing of the schoolhouse. In 1968, the Society felt the school was only a part of the history of the county, and that other buildings could be acquired to further show evidence of our historical past. Two and one-half acres were purchased and the schoolhouse became the first building in the Pioneer Village. There are now forty-nine buildings on the grounds, of which thirty-six are available for viewing.

      Pioneer Village is conveniently arranged to allow visitors to go in many directions to see those things which are of interest to them. Visitors are encouraged to go at their own speed as they view the various buildings. If they are part of a tour group, guides can be made available if arrangements have been made prior to the tour.

      All persons coming to Pioneer Village must enter through the office building, where they are greeted by RSVP volunteers who register them and give them a brochure and a map of the Village. Visitors will leave through the same office where they entered. Candy and beverages can be purchased at the office, and picnic tables are available for those who wish to eat on the premises.

      The Historical Society hopes you will enjoy your visit to our past and that you will return in the future.

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