Tom Mills' 3 Minute Elderberry Atlatl

Tom Mills' 3 Minute Elderberry Atlatl

by Tom Mills, California. Adapted with permission from Original article.

Green elderberry branch, approx. 22" long x 3/4" diameter
Yucca cordage (optional)

  • Find a nice elderberry branch, or any other green shoot with a pithy center. Try to get one about 22" long and about 3/4" in diameter.

  • Starting about 8" from the eventual handle end, cut down at a slant towards the spur end. You should be about 1/4" deep one inch from the end. Cut straight down there to meet the slant.

    Slant cut

  • Using a knife tip or a sharp stone, dig out the pith (the soft core). This will leave a hollow groove for the dart to rest in.

    Removing the pith

  • Next, shape the spur. Bevel it off to the sides and undercut it so that the spur will stick out above the groove.

    Shaping the spur

  • Wrap a little yucca cordage or anything else you'd like around he handle for a bit of a grip, and you're done! Once you've done this design, you'll see how quick, easy, and effective it is to make.
Tom Mills' 3 Minute Elderberry Atlatl

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