Atlatl Plans

      If you're lucky, you can find plans for making atlatls online, or occasionally in an old nature craft book. But you can never find more than one design at a time, so how do you know if you're found the right one for you?
      To give you a choice, I've found, made, reverse-engineered, and otherwise gathered a number of plans and designs. They're arranged according to where in the world this type was used.

Arctic Regions - from Siberia to Greenland.

North America - from the U.S. and Canada

South/Central America - Amazonian, Aztec, Mayan, and Mexican designs


Indonesia/Oceania - From the large island group between Australia and Asia


Miscellaneous - Generic atlatls not confined to one particular region and/or original designs.

No Plans, Just Pictures

If you know of any others, or have your own designs, please let me know and we'll get them up.