Daryl's Kuikuru (Amazonian) Atlatl

Daryl's Kuikuru Atlatl
I made this after seeing a picture of it on the internet and figuring out the dimensions on my own.
Since then, I've found other plans for it and am amazed at how close I came.

Wood, 24" x 2 1/2" x 3/4"
3/8" dowel, 2 1/2" long
Sinew or Cordage


Daryl's Kuikuru Atlatl

More information can be found on Chris Oberg's website, and a desciption of a contest with this type of atlatl can be found in the University of Vermont's Summer 2004 newsletter (also reprinted here on my site with the author's permission, in case the original gets moved and lost).

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