No Plans, Just Pictures

These are ones where I've found drawings and some information in books, but have no real plans for them. If anyone wants to try making them and send in the design plans, great!

Baylor Rock Atlatl
Found at Baylor Rock, Texas. Length unknown.
Mexican Atlatl
Mexican atlatl. Length 22".
Lovelock Cave Atlatl
Found at Lovelock Cave, Nevada. Length unknown. Hook was a separate piece, slid over the end.
Chavez Cave Atlatl
Found at Chavez Cave, New Mexico. Length unknown.
Key Marco Atlatls
Found at Key Marco, Florida. App. 18" long.
Roaring Springs Atlatls
Found at Roaring Springs, Oregon. Possibly 20 1/2" and 27 3/4".
Southwest Atlatl
Southwestern U.S. atlatl. Approx. 24".

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