Greenland Throwing-Board
(Inuit Norsaq)

Greenland Throwing-Board

This is based on one I bought from Superior Kayaks in Wisconsin. It is very close in form to historical ones.

The throwing boards from Greenland (called a norsaq by the Inuits) are fairly unique among spearthrowers. Instead of having either a male OR female peg, they have two holes drilled into the body of the spearthrower, which correspond to two pegs attached to the shaft of the harpoon. This means you would not have to hold the dart at all to keep it steady on the throwing board, and would mean a different throwing technique as well (I haven't had a chance to actually throw a dart with one of these, so I can't tell you HOW it's different).

Wood, 18" x 3 1/2" x 1/2"


Greenland Throwing-Board

The one I bought was one of their deluxe versions, with delrin used to simulate ivory. At the tip, there is a large wedge of it inserted (because wood will split, ivory won't). There is also a plate of it across the bottom of the handle end and inside the hole by the handle. These were fastened in place by drilling small holes in from the side, then gluing in a piece of dowel, cutting it off, and sanding it smooth. There are 6 dowels holding in the tip wedge (3 on each side) and 3 across the bottom plate.

If you want one you can throw your normal darts with, though (as opposed to making up harpoons with holding pegs), you can convert it. Below are pictures of the boards I've made from this design with the top one having the pilot holes. The bottom, though, is a chimera. I stole the peg idea from the Unalashkan design from Alaska and made a separate peg for the end.

My boards
My boards, back view
Closeup of peg insert

Greg Miller's Norsaq
This one was made by Greg Miller, who sent me a picture of his design. His comments:
"I simulated bone/ivory with PVC. I heated it until it got soft then pressed it into place. After it cooled I trimed around the impression and voila. Iíve also had success using dominoes as fake ivory."

Looks great to me! Thanks for sending the picture, Greg!

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